Foundation CrossFit announces its next Nutrition Challenge: Look Good Naked

Welcome CHS readers!

Our Summer Bodies Challenge is a Nutrition Challenge encouraging you to eat a healthier selection of foods, increase

We are calling this particular challenge the Summer Bodies Challenge (or more colloquially, the LOOK GOOD NAKED CHALLENGE). Although its focus will be on eating healthier, we really want to stress that this challenge incorporates more than just that. We want you coming into the gym and pushing yourselves harder, playing more, getting more active and of course, taking time off to rest up and recover from all the hard work we'll be doing.

Click here to visit the Foundation CrossFit Summer Bodies Challenge website.



CrossFit is a NEW approach to health and fitness.

  • It is constantly varied to keep you motivated.
  • We teach functional movements that are safe and essential for living.
  • The intensity is universally scaleable, for all body types.

We offer 1-hour class sessions where we train you to become healthier, stronger, and to look and feel better. We use exercises and movements that include cardio, gymnastics, weightlifting, power lifting, olympic lifting, kettlebell, track & field, rowing, and other various sports/disciplines. We get things done while having fun.


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Our Monthly CrossFit Rates with No Contract to Sign!

2x/week @ $135/month
3x/week @ $155/month
Unlimited @ $185/month
Military/Fire/Police Unlimited @ $135/month

Inquire within the gym for spouse and domestic partner discounts.


Location (click for Google map)

1422 11th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122

** We are located in the orange building beneath the rear entrance to Pacific Supply Company (down a long driveway).


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